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Symytry provides a certification for all members that meet a strict set of criteria.  The Exam is designed for people who have worked in a specific industry and is a measure of the experience and expertise in that particular vertical. 
The candidate must have been working as an information technology project manager for a minimum of ten (10) years.
Have worked in a specific industry vertical for a minimum of three (3) years.  Currently, the industry verticals include:
Apparel & Footwear Solution (AFS)
Consumer Packaged Goods
High Tech
Industrial Machinery
Symytry may add other verticals in the future, but right now, we only cover the seven listed above.
Candidate Certification Award Qualification Requirements
Must have been working in the chosen industry vertical for at least ten (10) years as a project or program manager.
Proof of experience must come from a letter from Human Resources stating current role or roles during tenure at that company, and a letter from a senior executive in the current company.  This is required BEFORE the Exam. 
Symytry Foundations, LLC take privacy & security very seriously!  We will maintain the utmost care in ensuring that your privacy is strictly enforced and adhered to.  Our test servers are only connected to our secure network during exams.  After exams, the server is disconnected completely.  No wifi, no remote access.  We mean disconnected.  It sits as a standalone system when all exams scheduled have been completed.  
We use two factor authentication when signing into the exam server. 
The Certification Exam
The Certification Exam (Exam) consists of 200 questions divided into four categories:
Project Management Skills - 50 multiple choice questions
Industry Vertical Knowledge - 75 multiple choice & open ended questions
Management Knowledge - 40 multiple choice questions 
Strategy & Tactics - 35 multiple choice questions 
Fact is... the Exam is quite challenging!  It's meant to be.  
The 200 questions on the Exam will take three (3) hours to complete.  
The candidate must pass with a score of 75% or higher.  This means the candidate can miss up to 50 questions and still pass the exam.  
The Exam is conducted online.  The candidate will be assigned a user ID and password.  The password may optionally be changed once logged in the first time.  It is advised to change the password after logging in.  
Fill in the form; name, email address, address, city, state, zip and phone.  Provide employer name. address, phone and contact names at work.  Since this information was required before the Exam, these items will be filled in.  The candidate cannot proceed further without this information. 
Once the Exam has been completed, the candidate will click the "submit" button.  After ten to fifteen minutes, the candidate will receive an email with pass or fail message.  If it's a fail message, the email will include areas missed and suggestions for study.  
The candidate must wait thirty (30) days before retaking the Exam.  This should be enough time to brush up on missed areas.  
The Award / Certification
Passing the Exam is considered a feat and the person receiving it should be very proud of the accomplishment! 
The Award is named the "Symytry Scepter."  It's an attractive polished bar of steel, & engraved with name, date & serial number.  
The levels are separated by a crystal.  The levels are: 
Symytry Scepter - First Degree - no crystal
Symytry Scepter - Master - blue crystal
Symytry Scepter - Professor - red crystal
Symytry Scepter - Royal / Fellow - white crystal  
Exams have been designed for all levels.  Once passing the First Degree Symytry Scepter, Exams are 60 to 75 questions for each level above it. 
Again, these Exams are not easy.  To earn one is to trust that the recipient knows about practicing as a very knowledgeable individual in their respective industry vertical. 
Exam Costs
Exam costs are as follows:
Symytry Scepter - First Degree - no crystal   $1,450
Symytry Scepter - Master - blue crystal   $925
Symytry Scepter - Professor - red crystal   $800
Symytry Scepter - Royal / Fellow - white crystal   $550
To schedule for any of the Symytry Foundation exams, please fill out the form below. 
Please note - exams must be scheduled thirty (30) days in advance.