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How this site is organized...

This website is organized into three parts:

Symytry Foundations - Presents the application of mind mapping platforms to create visual and high performance tool sets.  

Applications specific to project & program management is the intended focus, but we also illustrate ways it can be used in a variety of other areas.  

Read through our pages.  Explore the ideas behind why managing any project with visual tools & platforms like Mindjet's MindManager 2019 makes the project work more controllable, provides for better team alignment and vastly improves communication and coordination between all team members and stakeholders.

IT Infrastructure Tools & Enablers - Provides a sort of tool bin for six main categories; cloud & virtualization tools, security, storage & hyper-converged infrastructure, connectivity, data management and software & application lifecycle management tools.  If this is an interest of yours, we ask that you sign up, to gain access to our line card. 

There are many vendors and Symytry doesn't go into detail on each one of them.  Instead, we are re-sellers for over 120 different solutions.  It includes MindManager 2019 which is a product of Corel.  Corel is on our list of products that we resell.  

We will act as a conduit to link you to the subject matter experts that will arrange for demos and quotes.  This improves the process by reducing the time it will take to zero in on the right product and get to right people.  

Management Awards & Recognition - Coming Soon.  Award, recognition  systems and merchandising for teams.  For example, we will offer journals for project synchronous communication to leather journals for gifting.  Symytry believes in this age of everything computer, that the art of writing is not lost!  

Journaling originally became a part of our Innovation / Ideation Analysis Process mind map as a "homework" tool.  We had pretty good feedback on the idea and others started to ask for it as well.  Instead of discontinuing sale of journals and writing instruments, we will be offering these in the future.  It will be likely that merchandise will be sold on one of our other websites.